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Regarding any suspected wrongdoing in the workplace, the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures highlights the need for organisations to carry out a thorough and prompt investigation into the matter. Employing an external investigator to carry out such work demonstrates the organisations commitment to a fair, objective process. Failure to do so often results in financial and reputational damage to individuals and employers.

You are being invited to commission the services of someone who has a proven track record in investigating cases involving misconduct and formal claims of grievance, harassment and bullying on an individual and departmental scale.

As well as achieving the primary purpose of investigating the matter at hand, experience suggests that such investigations significantly contribute to increasing employees’ confidence in their employer, whilst providing a greater sense of wellbeing. From the employer’s point of view, successful work in this area invariably sees a reduction in sick absence and an increase in productivity throughout the organisation.

The independent work of MDIS, offered with the utmost integrity will be a valuable service to any organisation.

MDIS will undertake investigations fairly and objectively and will present findings in a comprehensive report which, in consultation with the legal team if deemed appropriate, will stand scrutiny at any disciplinary hearing, appeal or Employment Tribunal.

Other investigative-related services are also available from MDIS. For advice, a quote or to simply arrange for an informal chat, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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