Terms & Conditions

MDIS is a trading name of Martin Daley Investigation Services. MDIS is a provider of a range of services within the field of workplace investigations.

Contracts                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once a client has requested the services of MDIS, an initial meeting may take place between MDIS and the client to discuss the client’s needs. This meeting with be free of charge. Alternatively, arrangements may be made via email and telephone. If the client decides to proceed with a commission, terms of reference, projected cost and timescales (where possible) will be agreed and a contract will be either signed or agreed via email by both parties. 

During the Commission
The client will be updated periodically by MDIS as the work progresses. The client will be encouraged to raise any concerns about any aspect of the work being carried out at any point during the commission.

Access to Information
MDIS may require reasonable access to certain people, information, processes, procedures and/or other documentation / company records etc as necessary to satisfactorily complete the commission. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that, as far as reasonably practicable, all such people and information is made available and that as appropriate all necessary consents are obtained for MDIS to review such information. Any requirements of this type will be discussed and agreed at the initial meeting between the client and MDIS. Failure to produce the people or information requested may result in MDIS not being able to satisfactorily fulfil its obligations under the contract agreement. In this instance the client may still be liable for the full costs of this project.

Any information pertaining to this commission disclosed to MDIS shall be kept strictly confidential. MDIS will not disclose any information acquired during the course of the commission about the client or their business except where consent has been obtained from the client, or where there is a legal duty to disclose.

Completion                                                                                                                                                                                                              Once the commission has been completed to the client’s satisfaction, they will either sign a certificate to that effect or, more likely, confirm their approval in an email. If the client is unhappy with any aspect of the work carried out, they will discuss the particular areas with MDIS and further remedial actions will be agreed. Once the commission has been ‘signed off’ by the client, both MDIS and the client will consider the commission completed to a satisfactory standard.

Invoices and Payment
An Invoice will be issued to the client at the end of the commission. Payment terms are strictly 14 days upon receipt of invoice.

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